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How Adult VR Movies are Made?

VR is slowly becoming one of the largest categories in the porn industry. Companies make new VR porn movies every day. More and more people are jumping into the area as you’re reading this. As a unique, immersive experience, it is no surprise VR porn is becoming the face of the industry.


When it comes to VR videos, people give most of their attention to the finished product. What most people don’t know, however, is that the type of filmmaking seen on pornhub VR requires a lot more effort than traditional porn.

When it comes to VR porn, the first difference, which is most obvious, is how many more cameras there are. To capture VR porn, you need many high-resolution cameras mounted together. These cameras are mounted on a ball-like base, and then set up to film. After filming is complete, the individual footage is stuck together by a professional editor.

These individual files are much like those that you see in a regular porn movie. Anyone that’s ever-experienced VR porn knows how different it is from that. This is why the editing stage is potentially the most difficult. The need to piece together so many videos at once. Naturally most of this is automatic, but an editor is still needed to put the finishing touches.

Another big difference is just how difficult different positions can be. The male essentially cannot move, as the camera mount often rests on his head. Because of this, sex is extremely difficult, especially in positions like doggy style. Imagine if the man moved and your perspective suddenly started to bob up and down. This wouldn’t lead to the most pleasant of experiences.

Because of this, the filming process is more difficult for both male and female talent. The girls have to move more, and in even more unnatural positions than usual. Meanwhile, the men have to stay almost perfectly still so that they don’t mess up the camera work. This leads to a rather awkward and difficult filming process. Of course, when it comes to third person VR videos it’s much easier, as the camera mount doesn’t have to be on a dude’s head. This type of VR porn is also much less immersive though, so most studios opt for the 1st person perspective.

The equipment is state of the art, with some camera mount domes housing up to 10 GoPro cameras. Furthermore, the camera work required is much more than in traditional porn. Because the cameras are filming 360 degrees, sometimes the cameraman will be in the shot. Sometimes they’ll need to blend in, and it’s a true art to decide how far away from an actress the camera needs to be.

The technology that handles movement is also complex. You need a mount that’s precise enough so that when the viewer moves their head, the cameras move just as much. Otherwise, you risk the viewer developing motion sickness or something similar.

While VR porn is more technically and physically demanding to film than regular porn, it is also more rewarding. Many stars have reported a preference for working on VR porn, and viewers generally opt for it when given the chance.